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Our stretchy story

Laban Legacy

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Born in 1965 in Norway


Led the Norway confectionary brands over the years


Took on a new avatar for India in 2017

Our story stretches way, way, back!

The story of Laban is a fun, playful one, much like our Stretchy man.

We were born in Norway in the year 1965. Over the years we grew to become the No.1 confectionery brand in Norway.

We are not just a candy but a friend that brings fun & joy in your life. Powered by imagination, we gave the world a reason to be playful again. After all, we all have that kid in us, right?

And now we have stretched across the globe to spread our sugar-coated joy with our Indian friends. We are India’s new 100% vegetarian, human-shaped, stretchy, fruit-flavoured chewy.

We can go on and on about our story, but it will be much more interesting (and fun) for you to grab a bag of Laban and taste the sweetness.